6 November 2009

Tales from the test realm #14

KT: FOOLS, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE COME HERE. NOW YOU WILL D... You there priest, what is that?

Priest: Hmm? Oh, you mean Lil KT, he's my new pet.

KT: Pet? It's a... mini... me....

Warlock: Haha, "groovy baby"!

KT: SILENCE MINION! Where did this abomination come from?

Warlock: What did he call me? He did not just call me that.

KT: Oh sorry, I thought it was the imp talking.

Warlock: Can we burn him now already?


Priest: I bought him, innit. Those Kirin Tor dudes are breedin em like puppies.

KT: ...

Warlock: Prepare to die, lich bitch...

KT: Lich bitch? — Priest, how much did you pay for that monstrosity?

Priest: Ten dollars.

Warlock: Ten what?

KT: What are these dollars of which you speak?

Priest: dollars, you know. They're like a virtual currency you buy with gold.

KT: I don't understand.

Priest: You know those shady dudes that hang around in starter towns and whisper you? You give them gold and they hand over these dollars.

KT: How much gold?

Priest: It varies. The dollars don't have an innate value, they're like a commodity, so the amount fluctuates according to the economic principles of supply and demand. It's called an exchange rate.


Priest: A grand, square up.

Warlock: Pwnd!

KT: But why trade in this virtual currency, why does not this mage just charge 1000 gold thereby rendering the undesirable peasant middleman obsolete?

Priest: Erm...

KT: Surely your Horde would prohibit such a pernicious trade for fear of undermining the global economy?

Priest: Huh?

KT: Well, if people start trading in these dollars instead of gold, the value of goods becomes increasingly unstable, devaluing the gold standard and potentially leading to hyperinflation. Hmm, that gives me an idea...

Priest: Dude, it's just a pet.

KT: Warlock, how much for my wand?

Priest: What are you doing?

Warlock: I do not need to buy your puny wand frosty, I'll rip it out of your cold, dead hands.

KT: Yes yes, but how much?

Warlock: Ten dollars?


KT: Deal. Whisper me later...

Priest: Can we fight now?

KT: I'll swap you my robe for the mini me...


Shy said...


Anonymous said...

Great dialogue!!

Anonymous said...

That is SO win!

Angelya said...

I will name him .. Mini me.
Just the two of us...


Shayzani said...

Brilliant stuff.

Grimmtooth said...

I'm in love.

No, seriously.