2 October 2009

Do not adjust your sets

I'm very sorry I've been a bit of an absent landlord of late. I've had a perfect storm of attrocities in real life and online to battle with, including, but not limited to:

  • Packing for a two-week holiday to Florida for which I leave in NINETEEN hours (pending)
  • Attempting to loose two stone in a month to avoid looking like Mr Tickle on said holiday (FAIL)
  • Trying to finish all my work so that I don't spend entire holiday remembering things I didn't do (ongoing)
  • Tidying desk area so I don't return to alien landscape of deadly bacterial cultures (this will almost certainly be a fail)
  • Finishing Quantum by Manjit Kumar so that I can devote holiday time to more appropriate vactional reading like Hello and the Nanny Diaries (partial fail - finished but utterly baffled; does anyone really understand this stuff?)
  • Planning a drive route through Florida that encompasses every mall of minor significance while maintaining maximum Cinnabon exposure (much harder than you might appreciate but achieved)

Add to this the fact that my guild has been in meltdown for the last three weeks and that I have been like a condemned man at work, I will be very glad to see the back of England for a while. My guild finally succumed last night, so Merlot is officially homeless. I'll write more about that another time - I have a theory that all guilds are dommed to an inevitable and spectacular death at birth. Copious quantities of martinis are required to help solidify my thinking on the subject. Expect normal services to resume in two weeks when your rested and greatly enlarged blogger returns. Please don't go away :)


Leigh said...

Next topic should start with: Posts coming to you in widescreen :P


Paolo said...

May you return to Blighty unreasonably tan! Which means: slather on the sunblock or return in varying and painful shades of red. Have a great time.

Llyrra said...

a few comments on your upcoming trip to florida:

-do not pass a Stucky's without eating there

-the best seafood is in the coastal towns

-the drivers in Florida are not representative of the rest of us

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your holiday mate!


SolidState said...

> "Attempting to loose two stone in a month... while maintaining maximum Cinnabon exposure"

Contradiction... lay off the rolls and you might lose some weight! :)

Sorry to hear about your guild :(

Have fun on your vacation though :)

Raydra said...

Forgoing Cinnabon is not worth losing weight. :)

Sorry to hear about your guild. It is not true that all guilds are doomed however!

My guild is over three years old AND survived a en-mass server transfer! You'll find one that is stable and good for you.

Til then enjoy your vacay!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your holi! and Sorry to hear about your guild :) Hopefully by the time you come back there will be new content!

Anonymous said...

Go figure, you go on vacation and Blizzard FINALLY decides to baseline Mind Flay to 30 yards!

Maybe you should go on vacation more often?


mrgamegeek said...

Just found your blog and I love it, hope you enjoy your holiday here in Florida. It's not too bad here right now temperature wise, so you came at a good time.

crysana said...

Goddamn... a pig just flew past my window!

You'll have some shadowy suprises waiting of the PTR when you get back :)