22 August 2009

A shadow nuke?

From the class Q&A at Blizzcon:

Shadow Priests will most likely get a nuke without cooldown in Cataclysm.

Is mind flay dead?

There's a LOT of other stuff emerging from Blizzcon, check out mmo champion and wow.com for updates.


Anonymous said...

"Is mind flay dead?"

At this stage, I doubt we can conclude that. Remember that he also added that the nuke would likely not be as powerful as other abilities, though he didn't specify just how far that would go.

Also keep in mind that GC has recently hinted at something like a "shadowfrost bolt" that could be cast if we had our shadow school on lockout, as asking us to leave shadowform to cast smite is kind of harsh. The thing I'm also wondering about that wasn't really addressed (or asked) is if they're still talking about having haste affect dots in some way.

AShadowPriest said...

I doubt it, but I'll wait and see.

It's too bad it'll take them that long to come out with it though. I've already started putting most of my time into my mage, who is now better geared than the shadow priest I've had for years, and he can do 4.8k dps without trying too hard. :(

If this nuke is all that and a bag of chips, I'd switch back in a heartbeat.

I really, really hate Mind Flay in it's current form.

Abi said...

I'm very curious to see what they have in mind for this "nuke" as everything else they've talked about for Shadow Priests seems to have dodged our concerns with a "meh we think you're OK so to hell with it" attitude.

Catsiel said...

Random question - is the leveling build you set out before 3.2 still relevant at the moment? Its just I've just respecced at level40 to shadow and hope its still relevant considering the change to Imp. Mind Blast etc.


Merlot said...

Cat, yes, that guide should still serve you well at 40, nothing much changed for levelling priests (http://misery-blog.blogspot.com/2009/05/new-priest-levelling-spec-10-40.html) - but that reminds me, I *still* haven't done 41-80! Must get on that!

Catsiel said...

Ah, brilliant - thanks.

By the way, I asked what priest race my priest should be a while back and I explained I was having trouble deciding... I chose a Blood Elf Male and I think he looks awesome. Casting animations look powerful (Kael'Thas style) and robes look really good on him.

Merlot said...

A very wise choice if I do say so myself :)