11 May 2009

Shadow priest origins

When I set out to revise my shadow levelling guides, I realised the landscape had changed. Not only did Wrath render much of my previous advice obsolete, recent patches appeared to have fundamentally altered the levelling experience for priests — not, I suspected, in a good way.

So I created Lanchester, a Forsaken female in the image of James Whale's magnificent Bride of Frankenstein. This was before I realised the Forsaken were evil scumbags. I even made her an alchemist. Oops.

Putting our genocidal impulses aside, we set off to explore the early levels of priesthood with fresh eyes (or eye sockets, at any rate), and impart the meagre fruits of our wisdom to you, dear reader.

We'll muse about gear, talents and abilities, we'll laugh together, cry together, and if there's time we'll devise an appropriately grisly death for the misogynist programmer who modelled our saggy grey tits and camel's foot. You're one sick pervert, you know that?

Watch this space.


Isisxotic said...

I'm looking forward to this! I've been asked for priest leveling advice since Wrath hit, and I'm never sure exactly what to say. Once the wand talent was gone, my whole leveling strategy went bye-bye.

Nephalim said...

Hey, just wanted to jump in to say I'm looking forward to your leveling advice too, and since you are on the no.1 spot on google for the 'shadow priest blog' search, I'm pretty sure there is a sizeable silent population here craving for the same :)

My prime source of information sofar has been wowwiki's 'Priest builds' section but it doesn't cover a lot of stuff, like:
- what stats to look for at lower levels (i've gone with hoarding spirit, but I could be completely wrong about that)
- do wands doing shadow damage benefit from any of the talents in our trees?
- whats the best spell priority system to conserve mana?
- how do you survive multiple (3+) attackers?
- when and how to use Mind Control properly
- macros (castsequence for dots?), addons (PowerAuras, CooldownWatch), your preferred keyboard layout (i'm only lvl30, but already running out of reachable keys for spells, with very little idea about how useful they'll be later)

Some of these might actually lend themselves better to a tutorial video format (a'la BigRedKitty?), if you feel you'd have fun with doing something like that... it would be awesome :)

I know, just covering this little list is a LOT of work, but it would help a lot of folks, and if you'd use AdSense or some other advertisement solution, you might even get some money for your time :)

Anonymous said...

Im shocked you didnt do a Troll priest, very shocked merlot


Fuubaar said...

Oh dear! Thank you so much! I just hit 35 last night on my little Spriest and I'm foaming at the mouth for some info to make it easier for lvling. I dont want to hit 60 & look like a noob.

Thank you!

Merlot said...

I wanted the Marge Simpson hair Dral, don't hate me. I have a troll hunter as you well know.

Nephalim, I'll do my best to answer most of your questions - eventually! - but I think BRK movies is a little beyond my skill set right now, sorry :)