7 April 2009

Note to self: get better

I hate Malygos. Or rather, I hate the minds that contrived to assemble so many irritating mechanics in one encounter. Just because everyone else can defeat him with no problems does not mean it is good design. So there.

Right from the start, the damn platform gives me motion sickness. It can't just be me. But I grit my teeth and prepare for phase one. It 'should' be easy, I know what needs to be done. But the sparks spawn well out of range, are hard to see, and impossible to manouver without a death knight. With all the time wasted running around trying to target the damn things, never stacking the buff, my dps is way too low. I vaguely think I need an 'Illhoof'-style spammable macro but one that checks for range too. Is that even possible?

Phase two feels a little gimmickey, but it's not so bad. I have just enough time to ramp up some damage in-between bubble hops. I even get to ride the disc things occasionally. I feel a bit like the green goblin.

Phase three is the paradigm of gimmicks, it makes other gimmicks look conventional. I can spam the fire spells, I even have an addon to track my combo points and dot stacks, but it's hard to move at the same time and even harder to keep enough focus in reserve for the shield. I fail, I die.

So I need to get better at two things:
  • Dealing efficiently with sparks with minimum interruption to my Malygos dps
  • Staying alive during phase three
Any advice?


Leigh said...

With regards to sparks it's not something a shadow priest is good at. Other classes have more effective slowing techniques (if you have glyphed for MF your not helping out the raid there!) and have more instant casts. The sparks on 10 man are two shottable. Best thing you can do is SWD it if someone leaves it go too far. It's all about communication for the tank. Someone should shout out the direction and the MT should readjust so the spark comes tail side. It's going to require a great deal of luck or a DK to get two sparks on top of each other. Remember to reapply SWP when you have the spark buff. Have your DOT's on him before you go into the air as well. Shadowpriests should be one of the top DPS on this fight particularly with phase 2, Tab dotting everything that flies. I regularly go through dispersion and a fiend in this phase dumping upwards of 30K mana by multi dotting the flying gits and nuking the ones on the ground.

As for P3 it's very very simple. Have everyone gather on the one person and when the platform dissapears NO ONE MOVES!!! This keeps everyone together. Someone put a star on their head to help the slow ppl out. When it's time to DPS, get two stacks, hit the debuff, wait for 85%, get two stacks, hit the debuff. So it's 1-1-2...85%....1-1-2....85%...1-1-2 etc etc. That way you will always have points ready for a shield. If your healers get the rotation perfected you don't even need a shield, in that case go for the epeen big stack ASAP by going 1-2-1-2-1-2 so everytime you have one combo point put engulf in flames on him and you will be rolling 20K ticks within a matter of moments. As for avoiding his AOE, have the entire raid strafe right every couple of seconds. That way you all stay together, no one is above or below and everyone gets the AOE heal. 10 man is a lot easier in this respect as only one person is targeted for his focused attack so big stacks early are possible once your healers can time their AOE heals and you avoid the stationary AOE.

Ho Ho said...

P1: if you don't have DK's you need to have the tank to move the dragon
P2: Run around dotting the casters, ignore the melee guys. I win damage done with P2 by FAR using this strategy.
P3: I usually start with 1-2-1-2-1-2 and follow with 1-1-85%-2. That way I always have 2 combopoints and can hit shield as soon as it's needed. 1-1-2- wait isn't that good in my oppinon as you still need combopoints for shield and it takes time to get them

Anonymous said...

For sparks, we have a hunter in the raid who tracks them and announces over vent where and when they're coming. When I see it creeping up on me, I jab my macro (/tar power sp) and start attacking.

As for phase three, that's the one I get ill on. Seriously, I get woozy with the motions. What I've done there is wait a second or two after landing on the dragons and then /follow the raid leader.

If he stays alive, the fight is cake since I can just stare at my bars. If he dies then I try and clump with another person and cross my fingers!

kyrilean said...

P1 and P2: As above.

P3: have everyone, and I mean everyone, except the one with the star over their head create the following macro

/f [insert name of lead]

Make sure you are on follow and everything after that is easy. Just heal or dps away. You never have to worry about moving, as that's someone else's job. :)

Anonymous said...

I -HATE- Malygos.


I said it.

Not so much the first two phases.. but I hate the gimmicky third phase.

Typhoonandrew said...

p1 with sufficient dps and a few sparks you can get through in 2 waves of sparks. This should be the goal, with 3 wave being pretty standard. I've noticed there are never sparks in the first bit, so go dps nuts very early.

When moving from phase 2 to 3, we have a rule that everyone runs southern edge. That way we all start at the same point. Once p2 is over you're not getting hurt so there is no drawback.

Anonymous said...

Do Aces High daily for P3 Pratice its not much but same idea and will help you get used to the drakes just my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

Part 1 should have DK's lock the sparks down and stack them. Everyone should be able to get double spark bonus after the first time of going up in the air.

Part 3, as said above stack up on the north side and all stay together. Check around for /follow macros to keep the healers close.