29 April 2009

Help with gear

That title's a call for help, not an offer.

Pretty much all my gear is now of a similar item level and relatively similar stats. I've got a surplus of it, some with more haste than crit, some with more spirit than haste, and all with varying amounts of hit and spellpower. I know the weightings, but still my head hurts.

I'm firmly of the opinion that the differences are so small as to be academic. But what the hell, I may as well get it right.

So, what do you use to help you evaluate gear? Are there any models out there like I've seen for mages? Any speadsheets that work out stat weightings for me? Any sites I should be using, or addons? Pretty please?


Leigh said...


That topic is pretty much all you need, it's a listing of the best in slot raiding gear available and does a stat weighting based on a Pseudo Power (PP) number. It allocates points to each stat, here's the weighting:

* 1 spellpower = 1 PP
* 1 intellect = 0.21 PP
* 1 spirit = 0.21 PP
* 1 spellcrit = 0.71 PP
* 1 spellhaste = 0.65 PP
* 1 spellhit = 1.31 PP (when not hitcapped)

It uses that scale on items and gives it an appropriate ranking.

Bear in mind though if you assemble your gear along that line and go for best in slot (BiS) gear you are probably going to end up with 0 hit :P If you look at that guide you will see numbers in orange under the gear ranking, that's the PP rating of the item if one is not hit capped. Often a middle of the list item with a load of +hit (think leggings of the wanton spellcaster from Maly 25) is a lot more valuable when you consider the amount of +hit it brings. Concentrate your +hit into as little pieces as possible and then get BiS gear for the rest.

xxxiii said...

as Leigh said, Shadowpriest.com. As Leigh also said, you need to use judgement in equipping a piece of gear with what you have.

RAWR is a standalone application that pulls your toons data from the armory and will weight stats based on your current stats and raid buffs. It may be a better calculator for everyone with gear that isn't full of best-in-slot pieces.

Keep in mind though, both really just amount to one man's opinion on what each stat is worth under a limited set of "ideal" circumstances.

Crysana said...

I use an addon called Pawn which lets you put weightings (I use the same as Leigh above) in against each stat, and gives you the total value for each item. With a numerical value, it makes it very easy to see which items are an upgrade, rather than going with a 'gut feel'.

candy said...

I always end up making a wish list of gear -- this time around taken in large part fro the already mentioned shadowpriest.com forum topic. I think I'll try to track down Pawn...

Avonar said...

I also make a wishlist of gear. And while I'm pretty sure things changed to make haste more important than crit (but not sure enough to blog about it), I tend to fall back on spellpower.

All my gear has spellpower stacked. Whatever haste and crit I have is incidental - and seems to work just fine. Of course, I do take a look at the overal stats, I play with Pawn, I put it into Wowhead's weight stuff, but I tend to default to spell power.

Nice blog, interesting stuff!

kyrilean said...

As Leigh says, that's what I primarily use to start with.

Another good thing is to actually go to WoWHead and utilize their comparison tool.

Shadowrx said...

I use the Shadowpriest.com site and their best raiding gear list.

To gear my shadow priest, I use the highest item level gear I can, while staying above the hit cap by as little as possible. I always gem for spell power and use my JC only gems to get the socket bonus only if it is spellpower, haste or crit.

The new tier 8 bonuses are really good, try to get them as soon as possible. The tier 7 bonuses are worthy of being completely ignored.

Shadowrx of Drenden