14 April 2009

Back to earth

I love Easter. Not for religious reasons (Thrall is the only self-ressing guy I worship), but for the two glorious days of public holiday. If you had to work over Easter, I feel for you — for about two seconds, then my attention wanders back to my four-day weekend. Toe-curlingly glorious.

The only bad thing about a public holiday is the come down. Emails at work, emails at home. Who'd have thought the ProBlogger guys would be working over Easter? I'm so far behind I'm nearly in front again. This blog aint getting better any time soon.

In the four days in which I have fannied (it's a word) around London, spending money I don't have and gorging on food I don't need, Fear.Win has published seven posts. Seven!

That's what I should have been doing, I just don't have the work ethic. I am inherently lazy (that's why I play dps).

For what it's worth, I suppose you should know some patch thing is coming and everything's getting reset. Or something.

Now I've gotta go apply for my own job. If you find the guy who caused the credit crunch, give him a slap from me.

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