23 March 2009

Simple Maexxna for the simple minded

I know most of you will roll your eyes and sigh, but I've just discovered how I can make Maexxna much, much easier. Those little spider adds drive me mad running in every direction, like extras in a disaster film, but if I watch the timers carefully I can start casting mind sear just before they burst out and run straight into my blamonge of death. It's very satisfying when it works.

It has taken me a long, long time to realise this. I am not proud, I am a slow learner, but I offer this humble discovery to any similarly dim-witted shadow priests who may stumble across these simple words.

What I need is an addon that screams "cast this spell now" in big pink flashing letters - preferably with a three-second delay to give me time to stare blindly at my keyboard and blow a global cooldown on the wrong spell. (Four seconds if I need to change targets or move at the same time.)

Until some enterprising individual comes up with one, are there any other easy fixes I should know about?


Leigh said...

We have always had a warrior or mage deal with those little guys.

If it's your responsibility why not macro it? something like

/target spiderling
/cast Mind Sear

could do the trick.

Just macro that (check that spiderling is indeed the name of the little dudes) and hotkey it to something that you can spam. When the countdown happens on deadly boss mods go through your normal rotation but start spamming the macroed button. That way you should break your cast, change target and start the AOE straight away, hitting the majority of them and forcing them to run towards you keeping them clumped.

I was never good at macros so unsure but check out http://www.wowwiki.com/Making_a_macro for some useful information. Only other macro i ever really used was Inner Focus + SWP and a reshackle macro so no real experience with them!

Azurae said...


I currently use Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or am pretty sure its DBM... anyhow.. for Maexx it shows me Maexx's cast timers. First they show up as little out of the way bars and then as the "spell" gets closer 5 secs or so the bar gets bigger and moves to about the center of my screen, so that I can time hitting mindsear about a sec or two before the babies spawn.

Where the bars show up and how big they get are all configurable. :)

Since you're running Naxx you're probably using Bigwigs or DBM, if you're using DBM, you might have the bars disabled. I <3 DBM!

And it is SOOOOOOOOO satisfying to see all those numbers! Mwhahahaha! Though, it's fairly short, since others are aoe'ing too. I swear I love love love spider wing.. hehe!

grayhammer said...

As Azurae said, get DBM and starting cranking mind sear a second or two before the hatchlings pop out. Did this last night and someone in raid chat said "where did the little spiders go?" lol!

FYI DBM also makes the previous boss encounter a snap, i.e., you know just when to MC-suicide the worshipper to dispel boss's enrage

Merlot said...

I use Big Wigs but it does the same job. That's what I meant when I said I 'watch the timers'. I know it's dumb but I only just worked out how to use mind sear to make it easier :P

candy said...

I started doing that as well whenever we don't have a mage to frost nova them.

Azurae said...

Ahhh, just was responding to the part where you mentioned wanting flashing letters saying cast now.. not sure how the other mods work that, and DBM the way I have it set up is fairly obnoxious... lol!

You have no reason to call yourself slow or dumb! :P

Seriously, I've managed to SW:D myself on Gluth, and yes I know, WTH was I doing using SW:D and why wasn't I paying attention to the timers...don't ask! *cringe/sigh*

I'm sure you have lots of other fun stuff floating in your SP head... like pre-patch notes! <3 I love you for keeping me updated on all this stuff! So thank you for all your posts!!!