11 March 2009

Just call me Merlot

There was a time when I thought having only one name, like Cher, was terribly chic.

That was before I started playing WoW and was rather disappointed to learn that everybody had only one name (Cher wasn't available, either). Chic no longer.

But then titles came along and an elite few got to stick some extra words above their head. Oo look, he's a hand of someone (that's like a tool, apparently), and she's some kind of soldier.

I was singularly unexceptional in my failure to garner any of these accolades, but at least I wasn't alone.

Now though, thanks to achievements, there's a title for just about everything. You can't swing a mechanical toad without hitting half a dozen longwinded nameplates (Toadswinger sadly not yet among them).

And I still don't have one.

God forbid I should cave in and grab Jenkins, or one of the other common ones. That's now the fantasy equivalent of Smith. No, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it properly. How do you like the sound of Loremaster Merlot?

I've already got Northrend loremaster for the deathchill cloak (that I never crafted, what a con that was). And there are a few holes in Outland that I'll have to plug up. Apparently I didn't spend long in Blades Edge Mountains.

So that just leaves Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. How hard can that be?

Wait... how many quests? Surely that number is wrong? Did I do any quests before 60?

Loremaster is going to take a bit longer than I originally envisaged. In the meantime, you may call me Merlot. Just the one name, like Cher.


grayhammer said...

"Merlot the Salty", definitely.

Anonymous said...

As a Shadowpriest, I wanted Abigore the Hallowed.. but I was rerolling at the time and was only 63 when the last Hallows End started. T_T

I'll snag it this Halloween though. I also have no other titles other than Jenkins and only scored it because we were doing a fun run through UBRS =\

Ho Ho said...

Twilight vanquisher works for me quite well :-P

At one night when I had cleared all raid content on my priest and paladin I thought about doing the loremaster achievement. I found out I'm roughly roghly 1200 quests short of achieveing it, ~700 of them in the old-world. I think if I do it then I'll start going backwards, do WotLK stuff first so I can at least earn some gold doing it.

bellatrix said...

if you think loremaster is bad, i have four words for you: insane in the membrane ^_^