26 February 2009

This means war

I was deadly serious yesterday. It's time to take the mind flay fight to Blizzard.

We're going to need a name for our campaign, and a mission statement (I've always wanted one of them), a logo, and maybe some badges and shit. And at some point, we'll have to get with the actual campaigning. I feel like Bob Geldoff.

On with the show. Erm, what first? The name. We need a name. Mothers for Mind Flay? Priests Against Short Spells? (PASS?) Urgh no. We need something snappy, something zingy, something a little suggestive and riske. That's it. Drum roll please.... Misery is proud to present... Stretch! The campaign for a fuller flay!

Our mission statement:

We believe shadow priests have the right to outrange environmental damage and approach positioning in raids on the same terms as other ranged classes and not have to glyph for it. That's why we want a baseline 30-yard range on mind flay. It's time to Stretch! the spell. We will work to educate the WoW community about the deficiencies of mind flay, generate ideas and debate about how it can be fixed in a fair manner, and campaign to ensure that Blizzard brings about these changes to the benefit of all shadow priests.

Next up, I'll be playing around with some logo ideas, crafting some blog links, and I may even have to venture onto the forums. That's a scary thought. The things I do for my class...

Feedback? Ideas? It's time to Stretch! our minds! (You see what I did there?)


Anonymous said...

Signed and sealed.. let's go piss on their doorsteps with shadowy piss!


Ok, thats a little gross but lets go!

Anonymous said...

I'll come sprinkle some holy water for my shadowy friends! So count me in