14 November 2008

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Damn the eyes of everyone at Amazon for cocking up my order, and bless the mercurial mail man who positively leaped along his route this morning to deliver my expansion pack. May all his children marry millionaires and live like gods.
I'm sitting now at work tapping my fingers and watching the minutes drag by till I can skip home to install it. Most of my guild mates have got two-days hard start on me. I make little squeaky noises of anxiety when I think about having to catch them up.
Which is silly. It's easy to get swept up in the excitement and race for 80, but this time I'm determined not to let it overtake me. I'm going to suck up all the rich experiences that a strange new world will bring, immerse myself in the storyline, stop now and then for no other reason than to look at the scenery.
Coriel of Blessing of Kings has switched off instant quest text, which allows just enough time to read the text and let it sink in as it scrolls along. Otherwise, don't you have a tendency to skip straight to the summary? It's a brilliant idea and the first thing I'll be doing when I hit Northrend.
The Burning Crusade story passed me by; I'm determined not to make the same mistake with Wrath.


Anonymous said...

Based on the fact that the blog hasn't seen you since, can we assume you're busy soaking up scenery? Or has the "race to 80" which you hoped to avoid actually got it's claws in you.

I'd made myself a similar promise, but have had limited success in keeping it. Dunno about your guild, but all the core members of mine (including myself) have spent almost every waking moment online since release. I do every quest in each zone I visit, but I do feel the need to ding ding ding to not be left behind (we had realm first Warlock to 80 on Sunday and first Pally to 80 Monday). I want to be in when we hit Naxx25!

Still, your tip about disabling the insta quest text is a good one. Will give that a shot.

Merlot said...

Well, I have posted once more since this post, but you're right I'm not posting as much as I should. But the problem is work, not the game, unfortunately.

I'm working on a couple of ideas that I'd like to get out by the end of the week, so please don't give up on me yet :)

Anonymous said...

The only point to beware on the non-instant quest text is on picking those annoying escort quests which only one person can do at a time. With the scroll, you'll never get to the end of the text before someone else has already ninja'd the quest :-)

Merlot said...

I hadn't thought of that, it's a good point. I also discovered yesterday that scrolling text can be a pain if the npc is on patrol. One guy in Agmar's Hammer kept wandering off before I'd got to the bottom and accepted. Still, overall, I'm really enjoying reading and learning what's going on. The Forsaken plague quest is a particular joy, and the Taunka storyline is breaking my heart!