15 October 2008

Merlot taps his foot in frustration

Last time I checked an atlas, Europe was ahead of the US in time zones. Someone must have forgot to tell Blizzard this because we always seem to get our patches the day after. Now I'm at work and I am led to believe the marvellous new world of talents and changes await me.

It's all terribly exciting. Well, at least, my hunter is excited, and my shaman is curious and my druid is mildly interested. Merlot is pensive.

We thought everything bad that could happen had already happened, but then we wake up to a Wow Insider report that vampiric embrace has been screwed into the ground too. What a really, truly cynical time to hack our last remaining unique ability into bits. I'm reminded of the UK government's preference for burying bad news on big days. Alastair Campbell would be proud.

In return we get a reason to stack spell crit. It sounds good on paper, I'll reserve judgement till... well.. somebody else tells me if it's good or bad.

First thing I'll do is jump in and tell you exactly how awful, or not, the divine shadow build really is. Watch this space. Or not. No really, please come back soon.

1 comment:

Ho Ho said...

Crit is good. It will be better than haste :)