29 September 2008

Seven achievements you won't see in WotLK

(But respect for trying.)

  1. Social pariah — be on the ignore list of 100 players simultaneously.

  2. Chief corruptor — turn 20 holy priests to shadow (class: priest).

  3. Conscientious objector — AFK your way through 100 battlegrounds.

  4. Party animal — get drunk and dance with 50 raid and dungeon bosses.

  5. The devourer — cannibalise the corpses of 100 human players (race: undead).

  6. The tormentor — screw up 10 escort quests for the opposing faction by killing the NPC.

  7. Chief inspector — inspect 1000...

[post becomes unintelligible at this point]


Curare said...

aha ha! Those are great!

I just found your blog recently, and I have come to the conclusion that you are awesome. Just so you know.

Merlot said...

Tyvm! Please leave bank details for payment :)