15 September 2008

The final countdown

It looks like we've got a date for the expansion — 13 November.

People have been speculating about November for a while so I shouldn't be surprised. But seeing it written down is somehow different. That's only 59 days away. I'm on holiday for 14 of them. That gives me only 45 days before it lands. I still have so much left unfinished. I'm still grinding gold for epic flying mounts (two down, at least two more to go), I've planned a big reorganisation of my primary professions, I have three alts still on the grind to 70 and I want to kill a few more raid bosses before heading up north. And now BBB has thrown me into a spin with his latest post, documenting all the things I should be doing but haven't. And OMG, I have blog entries on things like talent builds and game mechanics that will all need updating.

Honestly, I'm in a little bit of a panic.

So by way of taking a deep breath, I've put up a new poll. I want to know what you're all planning to do first when the expansion lands. Yes, I realise this is avoiding the issue. That is, after all, the point.

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