1 July 2008

Putting quests into perspective

If you've ever taken stock of the number and scale of the quests facing you in Outland and shrunk back from the task through sheer intimidation, a shadow priest called Apanthrone on the US Bleeding Hollow server might have exactly what you need.

The volume of quests in Outland is staggering. Three times I have managed to ding 70 without even stepping foot in Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley. On one occasion, I hadn't even made it to Blade's Edge Mountains. This is great for your bank account, as you rack up the gold instead of experience. But the quests lines at seventy are massive, dragging you all over Outland and into instances and raids. Unless you luck out and find a bunch of people on the same quest line at the same time, it's all a bit overwhelming. And when you are faced with repeating the same quests multiple times on different toons, you'd be forgiven for passing them over in favour of your bog-standard dailies: easier gold in less time.

At least, that's how I've always looked at it. Maybe if I'd stopped to consider the story behind the quest, it might have felt differently. But as it stands, one thing that has always put me off progressing with the end-game quests is the sheer scale of the task. Apanthrone's answer was to take all the major quest lines and put them in one brilliant chart. I've seen this done for raid attunement before but never full quest lines. If, like me, you find yourself grinding primals or finishing up dailies because you can't think what else to do, this could be your ticket back into the game. I love it.

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