28 July 2008

Back to earth

I'm back at work this morning and the pool and cocktails are already a distant memory. As I dressed I realised I have doubled in size and will be on a diet for the rest of my life. I am staring at 300 emails but have not yet conjured the energy to open them. I have hellish jet lag which is accompanied by a pulsing headache and nausea. Worst of all, I am pale with fatigue, completely counteracting the pleasant tan I picked up specifically for the purpose of instilling envy in my co-workers.

I fully intended to write about the beta talent changes (merlot is not a happy priesty) but now I'm wondering if I can be bothered. They'll only go and change 30 seconds after I publish. Is it just me or are the holy and discipline changes more exciting? Oh well, at least we're not fire mages ha!

Maybe I'll have a think about the talents when my headache goes. If it goes. Or when I've stuck a pencil in my eye to distract from the throbbing.

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