16 June 2008

What's so epic about a fast ride?

Between my three level 70s, I can probably scrape together enough cash for one epic mount. I don't have the rep for any of the cool ones, so it would just be a swift wyvern, but in shadow even they look cool. So what's holding me back?

I'm just not sure it's worth it. Merlot has no gathering skills, and — as my lack of gold testifies — no discipline for gold grinding. I can barely bring myself to do a couple of dailies and go weeks without crafting cloth for lack of primals. Had I any patience for farming gold I would have bought the mount long ago. The only reason I have as much as I do is because I can't find anyone to sell me the hearts of darkness for my bracers of nimble thought. (Hint: if you're on Darkspear, call me!)

That much gold would be a waste on Merlot — unless, at some point in the future, the mount skill is going to increase even further. If I'm going to have to fork out an even more obscene amount of gold in Wrath, then maybe it's worth the pain right now.
Theoretically, it would be better spent on my shaman (herbalist) or hunter (miner and engineer) for the gathering benefits, but they're alts and I can't quite bring myself to bankrupt Merlot for them.

If you've got your mount, would you say it was worth the pain? Or were you rich enough not to notice?


TD said...


The mount is not really that great, unless you have gathering skills. If in Wrath a flying mount becomes part of BGs or quests that you want to do, then get the skill now.

Gold is at an all-time high now, so I would recommend getting the money for it while primals and other gathered mats are selling well. In WotLK, gold may be even easier to obtain, reducing your time-spent even further the time-cost of items and skills in the old world.

Idahoe (cenarionlabs.blogspot.com)

Mrs Grievous said...

I think it's amazing, but I'm just impatient at getting places. I know a lot of people say it's a waste, but a lot more people have said it's totally worth it once they have it. Gold is infinite. You'll get more. It took me a month to get 2 mounts and another 3 weeks to get a netherdrake as a holy priest without actually farming for mining stuff. I just did dailies.

T-Sonn said...

I didn't think the epic flyer was worth the gold... until my second "main" dinged 70. Oy, the pain of slow flight, it were HORRIBLE, sir!

Since I'd ponied up the funds for several guildies, I had plenty I could call in for my rogue's time of need and got her on an epic post-haste.

When Prin dinged 70, I made damn sure I had the 6kg sitting around waiting. We dropped by the vendor in SMV and didn't even bother purchasing the normal flyer.

Dailies can be painful, as can farming profession mats - but for me it was oh so worth it, 3x over.

Brehm said...

Totally worth it on a gathering toon. Right now, I have two (hunter - miner/JC, lock - herbalist/engineer...don't ask) I've not picked one up for my holy priest (tailor/alchemist).

The amount of gold you can collect doing some dedicated gathering should totally pay for your mount in a short time. Especially if you're also doing dailies.

BTW, linked the blog today. Sometimes Google reader makes good suggestions :-)