24 June 2008

Rage is not just for warriors

I want to buy some hearts of darkness. Yes, actually, I do know where they drop. That's why I'm spamming trade for them. What I don't know is why you bothered to whisper me to tell me. What are you, simple?


Me, imba!? How sweet of you to say, but don't be silly. No really, stop flattering me! I'm not that good really. I made most of these rags myself you know, and I've had a lot of help from guild mates with... what was that? No, I can't spare any gold I'm afraid... and I've only learnt to play this well after... no, no silver either but... wait, where are you going? I haven't told you about my blog!

Oh, you need a healer for heroic magister's terrace. How nice for you. Why are you telling me this? Am I supposed to infer from your illiterate statement that you expect me to fill the spot? Did you bother to ask me if I was free? Interested? Did you even ask if I was holy? Kindly take your pre-school grammar elsewhere, you moron.

I want a better weapon. I deserve a better weapon. AND I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PVP TO GET ONE.

Hey, fury warrior — what's the bouncing for? Do you get extra rage? Broken keyboard? No? Huh. Then do you think you could stand still a sec? Well there's a pat coming. A patrol. You know, baddies. Stand still or you'll pull the... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP MOVING.

Phew, this running-back-after-a-wipe-thing is hard work isn't it? And it always seems further when you're a ghost. I know, really boring. Almost makes me wish I was a night elf haha. Poor, ugly night elves. So this time, I think we should try focusing all dps on the adds to start with and... Hello? Oh, I thought you might have disconnected. For some silly reason my UI didn't register when you released. Stoopid buggy addon, I keep meaning to... You're just sitting there aren't you?


Sarah said...

Ummm.. *Hugs.. :P

Everyone is hanging on to those hearts for the Shadow Resist Sets, or selling them for 1600 Gold on the Ah :(
* Pleads @ Blizz to increase drops


Merlot said...

Thanks for the hugs, I'm feeling better now :)

TKC said...

The trick for catching the torch is to pan your camera so you are looking down on your character. The torch will have leave a shadow on the ground after you throw it. Just stay in the shadow and you will catch the torch.