21 May 2008

Wrath leaks

So you've probably seen the 'leaked' Wrath of the Lich King information already. I don't want to get too excited, because it's still only in alpha testing and I'm non too sure of the authenticity of the info anyway. I don't want to get excited, but I can't help trembling just a little at the thought of mind sear, a channelled aoe dot. Wouldn't that be sweet? Even more delicious is the thought of growing pains, a talent which gives mind flay the ability to refresh the duration of shadow word: pain. Will that make the final cut? Never having to reapply the single highest damage dot in the game? I can't imagine it. But it's fun to try.

If you're busy hunting down any of this information (and you can find a lot of it here), don't hold too much stock in it. Even if it is a true and accurate report from the test realm, we're along way from shipping. At best, it's a rare and fascinating window into the minds of the developers, giving us a hint of their hopes and dreams for our classes.


MD said...

I saw that too! And I am really really hoping that it will make it to the game. No more dwiddling thumb during aoe trash fights :)

I also read, however, about VT's mana return will be reduced to 2% and the new talent in disc tree to return mana from healing plus the new druid's replenish talent. I can't help wondering if our days as mana battery would soon be over *ponder*.

Merlot said...

Oh god, I missed the VT nerf. I need to do more homework for these posts :) Thank god it's only moderately dubious, early information about something that's likely to change a trillion times. Time to go bury my head in the sand.

/cast Ostrich (Rank 1)

grayhammer said...

Im also concerned about the drop in mana-battery effects. I hope, though, that the boost in DPS off-sets that. ?