9 April 2008

Election fever

Inspired by the monumental pomposity and gratuitous voter pandering of both the US presidential and London mayoral candidates, I've jumped on the bandwagon and am holding my own little election courtesty of the nifty Polldaddy.

Have a look in the right-hand column. You can tell me what to write next. And in the time-honoured tradidion of politicians everywhere, I'll probably ignore you exercise my mandate to pursue topics that I think will be of most benefit to you, my loyal readers.

And if anyone knows how I get the stoopid thing to centre on my column, please let me know...


Anonymous said...

You could probably try wrapping the < script > tags with paragraph tags, like so:
< p align="center">< script> blah blah blah< /script> < /p> (but without the spaces after the <)

Merlot said...

Thanks Shastarian, good idea but it didn't work. Back to the drawing board :)