7 February 2008

WoW bloggers unite!

Elite bloggers Valenna and Phaelia have launched a forum dedicated to the growing community of World of Warcraft bloggers.

Blog Azeroth is a venue for blog authors to share ideas for content, give feedback and criticism on other blogs, and help each other with platform problems.

It's such a simple, wonderful idea. For new bloggers like me, it's the perfect place to start when you're first toying with the idea of a blog. There is already a huge amount of advice on setting up and improving your blog. And for the power bloggers out there, it's a convenient forum for bouncing ideas around and conjuring new topics to write about.

Expect some improvements to Misery as I absorb the expert advice.


Valenna said...


<3 the name. <3 wine. <3 your title graphic and name.

Welcome to blogging, Merlot.

Valenna said...

Er, you've been blogging for a while. ^_^ For some reason, I thought this was your first post. I need more coffee ... or wine.

Merlot said...

Hello and thank you! You can never have too much wine and coffee, I always say. Maybe I'll make a rogue called Arabica...