19 February 2008

How to be imba

If you are focused on improving your character and gearing up for end game, a new tool called Imba could be a good place to start. All credit to Zarah, the Pugnacious Priest, for sharing this with her readers.

Imba claims to be the first World of Warcraft character auditor, and from my early tests I'd say it's a pretty nifty little tool.

All you have to do is put in your server and character name for your report. It looks at your gear, gems, enchants and talent points to come up with an overall pve rating and suggest some instances in your range. It works for all classes, analysing things like hit, spell hit and defence ratings.

Here's my report.

No surprise to learn I have some low quality items and gems, and some gear not yet enchanted (why would I enchant low quality gear!?)

Interestingly, it also suggested I have too many points in shadow weaving. That's something I'll have to look into more closely.

It concludes I have an overall gear rating of 144.85 and should be looking at heroics and Karazhan, which is reassuring.

It would be nice to know what that number actually means — where on the Karazhan scale am I? How much higher would I need to be to be ready for further raids? What kind of improvement can I expect from swapping certain gems or enchants? But overall, it's a very useful tool. I'll be keeping my eye on it as I work to improve my gear, rack up some more enchants and maybe move a few talent points around.

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