14 December 2007

Missing in action

So I downloaded Omen and took it for a test ride in Steamvaults. Was I naive to think it would work right out of the box?

I knew there was a problem when only two of the five members of the team appeared in the threat list — me and a lock, with a separate line for his pet. The addon assumed the lock was tanking, so the threat I recorded was relative to his. When I reached the default threat setting (90%), the screen started flashing red, alarms went off and messages dropped like spam in the chat channel. I thought the world was ending.

I've no idea why the other players weren't on Omen's radar — they were certainly causing threat. I flicked through the setting options but failed to find the 'make sure all your party are displayed' button.

So now I feel incredibly dumn and am in search of an idiots' guide. If you know of one, please put me out of my misery.

I switched it off and ran the rest of Steamvaults blind, so to speak. I took a couple of hits for my trouble but really wonder if Omen would have made any difference. What do you think? Is Omen a must-have for raiding or just another distraction when you're trying to do your job?

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