18 March 2010

The Zalazane ret con

Apparently I missed official blog rant day, but I've never let lack of official endorsement stop me before. Cataclysm spoilers ahead. Reader beware...

We learned today that the Darkspear Trolls chief Vol'jin is about to launch a final offensive on the Echo Isles, in an effort to retake his people's lost refuge from the traitor Zalazane. Which is odd, because I explicitly remember killing him. Repeatedly. Get this:
Over the years, members of the Horde looking to test their worth have braved the Echo Isles to confront Zalazane, and many of them have even returned victorious with his severed head. These victories, however, proved to be nothing more than an illusion created by the twisted witch doctor's dark magic. Days after these trophies were taken to Sen'jin Village, they reverted to their true forms: painted rocks and coconuts adorned with wooden tusks, or even the heads of Zalazane's enslaved trolls.
ORLY? Do you know how many times I died killing that piece of shit? Have you any concept of the time I lost on that agonising corpse run? Many before we got that ghost speed boost. That is one miserable corpse run. Those bastard trolls heal, and they run away at the slightest scratch, like a SPLINTER. Gadrin told me he was dead. He did not say I might have killed a coconut by mistake. Not once, not even after four years of failed adventurers bringing him creepy painted stones did he think to warn me the guys was a bit tricky. Thanks a BUNCH Blizzard.

No wonder those idiot trolls lost their island. It's not even a very big island.

Don't even get me started on Thermaplugg, the big dumb FAKE boss.

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